Grand Tour 21 days


Grand Tour
The Great overland trip

21 days
Group or Individual

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Grand Tour 21 days

Endless horizons with flowers, lakes, rivers and nomads with their animals… On the way you will encounter a lot of monuments, springs and lakes associated with the life of Chinggis Khan but also neolithic monuments, deer and balbal stones, as well as the occasional museum, hunting lodge, monastery and even mysterious walls… You can relax in a mud spa after doing some of the most interesting hiking, horse-riding or canoeing in the country! However, the mostly basic accomodation make this not suitable for everyone...

  • Fascinating history
  • Divers landscapes
  • Mud spa
  • Excellent horse-riding trails
  • Perfect rivers for canoeing
  • National parks
  • Plenty of hiking opportunities
  • Unique Siberian border culture


Start & Finish in UB.
After exploring the Terelj National Park, you will spend the rest of the tour in the Eastern Khentii province, the birthplace of Chingghis Khaan, and an area dotted with scenery depicted in the Secret History of the Mongols...


  • Sukhbaatar Square
  • National History Museum
  • Lunch
  • Ganden Monastery
  • Cashmere factory

Start in the morning, we first walk around on Sukhbaatar Square, we can see lots of Mongolian people here with old and new buildings as backdrop, In the National History Museum we get an overview of the history of Mongolia, from the earliest Huns to modern Mongolia! After lunch we visit Ganden monastery, if we are lucky we can hear the monks chanting. A visit to a factory gives us an idea about the Cashmere production.

day 1


  • Chinggis Khaan Statue
  • Lunch
  • Turtle Rock
  • Monastery

On the banks of the Tuul river stands a huge statue of Chinggis Khaan. It was built in 2008 on the occasion of the eight-hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Mongolian Empire. Inside the statue is a museum and on the horse's head, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings.

After lunch we drive to the Terelj National Park. With many species of plants and birds. The many rock formations are a delight for photographers and rock-climbing fans. Many rivers flow through the park…

A little bit higher, at an altitude of 1800m we can find the Manzushir Monastery. It offers some nice views on the valley and the surrounding forests.

day 2


  • Ovoo
  • Khug Nuur lake
  • Heart shaped mountain
  • Lunch
  • Baldan Bereeven Khiid

Near the Tsenkher river on the foot of Mountain Kharzurkh we will find the Khug Nuur, ‘the blue lake with the black heart’ The lake is surrounded by a lovely area made of verdant forests, a varied flora and important fauna.

The lake is an important places in Mongolian history, it was here that Temujin was declared “Chinggis Khan” after he had unified the different nomads tribes in 1206. Next to the lake you will find in total 50 wooden statues of the different Khans, important generals and family of Chinggis Khan.

After the picnic lunch we will visit a Buddhist monastery, it was once one of the largest and most important in Mongolia at its height in the 19th century. Unfortunately it was mostly destroyed by the communist regime in 1937. Today it is partly restored, and offers some nice views on the Kora (special walkway) around the renovated monastery.

day 3


  • Khangal Nuur lake
  • Deer stones & Turkic tombs
  • Lunch
  • Rashaan Khad
  • Oglochyin wall

Today we will have a wonderfull drive to Binder, among the many views on the way is the Khangal Nuur Lake, and some Deer stones and Turkic tombs. It gives a special feeling, knowing that these stones were probably also visited by Chinggis Khan during his stay in the area…

After lunch we visit the mysterious Ogochyin wall and Rashaan Khad: rocks covered with various kind of marks and ancient petroglyphs. These distinctive marks and cave drawings each belong to a different period of history and include ancient animals like a mammal rhino, a lionl and an elephant. These drawings prove that ancient people living around the Khentii range 40000-14000 years ago had been living by hunting these animals.

day 4


  • Hiking
  • Lunch
  • Horse riding
  • Canoeing

Start in the morning, we will enjoy the wonderfull environment around our Ger Camp, with opportunities to do some hiking and/or some horse riding.
It is also absolutely recommended to do some canoeing on the nearby rivers

day 5


  • Queens museum
  • Deluun Boldog
  • Lunch
  • Khajuu Bulag
  • Hunting museum

The Dadal area is close to the border with Siberia the houses are made of wood from the immense forests in the area. You almost feel as if in another country! The attractive views on the distant horizons makes this one of the most beautiful places in mongolia. We will visit a museum dedicated the Mongol Queens, who in many ways were an even match for the Khans of Mongolia!

Many claim that this is the real birthplace of Chinggis Khan, The area contains trails and lakes for visitors. Also an important water well, where he used to drink and a museum where you can learn why this fierce warrior and great leader is still revered today. The hunting museum gives a nice overview of all the animals living in this area.

day 6


  • Ols river
  • Khentii museum
  • Lunch
  • Avarga toson mud lake

Avarga Toson is composed of two sites: Lake Toson stretches on 300 metres (984 feet) long and 250 metres (820 feet) wide. The water comes from an underground cold source, rich in minerals notably carbonate. The mud on the banks of the lake has the same composition as the mineral water of the lake. The whole is renowned for its therapeutic values, notably for dermatological and cardiovascular diseases.

Avarga is a cold spring located 11 kilometres from Lake Toson. The water is very rich in minerals too and is recommended for digestive system diseases.

Near the source, you can also see the ruins of Chinggis Khaan's Aurig Palace. The whole complex is protected since 1998.

day 7


Start in the morning, we drive back to UB on the paved road, arrival in the early afternoon

day 8



1. English speaking guide and driver
2. All relevant transfers and transportation in air-conditioned vehicle
3. Accommodation at the best tourist Ger camps based on 2 people sharing 1 room (twin beds)
4. All meals as specified in the itinerary: B-breakfast, L-lunch and D-dinner
5. All entrance fees as listed in the itinerary
6. Bottled mineral water (0.5*2 per person)
7. Credit card bank charges 4% for deposit & balance payment
8. All government, visa invitation letter


1. International Airfare or Train tickets to enter or leave Mongolia
2. Mongolia entry visa fees
3. Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
4. Daily personal expenses
5. Travel insurance (trip, medical and personal)

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